AUSA Global Force 2020

March 17-19, 2020 | Booth #1136

Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL

This symposium will explore the capabilities outlined in the Army Operating Concept and how the force transforms from being adaptive to driving innovation for Force 2025 and beyond. Special guest presentations, coupled with panel discussions from our senior military and industry leaders, will address critical points of acquisition, research and development, and partnering between military and industry. For the Army, this means restructuring military-industrial programs. The Army must take a hard look at its acquisition processes, with an eye towards the future, to maintain a competitive overmatch against potential adversaries.

Crystal Group representatives will be available in booth #1136 to demonstrate the company’s capabilities and performance in bringing faster processing speeds and greater storage capacities in a rugged enclosure with advanced thermal management – optimized for size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C).  Learn how Crystal Group’s portfolio of trusted rugged solutions provide precisely what’s needed on today’s multi-domain battlefield: robust, rugged, and reliable systems capable of withstanding harsh environments and tackling complex, compute-intensive applications, such as sensor fusion, machine learning and artificial intelligence, autonomy, electronic warfare, and so much more.

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Beth Otting

Director of Program Management, Military


Phone: 800.378.1636 ext. 331

Missy Andrews

Program Manager


Phone: 800.378.1636 ext. 213

Crystal Group Rugged Cyber Security Solution

Crystal Group provides capabilities and custom solutions that keep critical, confidential data secure in the most extreme conditions – when it truly matters most. By combining leading-edge data at rest protection with our trusted, rugged computer hardware, our cybersecurity capabilities can protect against attempted breaches. And because our integrated solutions meet strict government certification standards, you can be confident that your information is only accessible by authorized individuals when and where it’s needed.

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RS112 Rugged Server

The RS112 1U Rugged Server provides high-end computing performance in a 1U chassis with a depth under 20” and fits most any rack space. It is constructed of rugged lightweight aluminum and offers leading edge Intel® CPU options.

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