Embedded World 2020 Exhibition & Conference

February 25-27, 2020 | Booth #3-123

Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany


The leading international fair for embedded systems

Be it security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency – Embedded World in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems.

As a leading international world fair with its exclusive focus on embedded technologies, the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference comprehensively reflects the trends of the sector and provides inspiration through the presentation of future-orientated innovations.

Learn more about Crystal Group’s rugged embedded products. 

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Toni Hogan

Director of Program Management, Industrial & Commercial

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Brent Clough

Program Manager

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Christian Helmholz

Program Manager

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Crystal Group Rugged Cyber Security Solution

Crystal Group provides capabilities and custom solutions that keep critical, confidential data secure in the most extreme conditions – when it truly matters most. By combining leading-edge data at rest protection with our trusted, rugged computer hardware, our cybersecurity capabilities can protect against attempted breaches. And because our integrated solutions meet strict government certification standards, you can be confident that your information is only accessible by authorized individuals when and where it’s needed.

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RE1529 Rugged Embedded Computer

Completely and easily configurable, the Embedded product line boasts advanced thermal management and a carbon fiber chassis, are field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and harsh environments. Crystal Group Embedded Computer Systems follow the Intel® Roadmap to ensure access to the latest, powerful Intel chipsets and processors.

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