Win the Autonomous Race to Market

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Innovators worldwide are racing to introduce safe, reliable autonomous vehicles and systems into mainstream transportation—they’re doing it right the first time with Crystal Group.

By incorporating our rugged and secure high-performance computer architectures and electronics systems, our customers are achieving their development goals on schedule, on budget and ahead of the competition.

Lives are on the line

We’ve all heard the adage, “safety first.” This is paramount for our peace of mind as autonomous vehicles become a more common mode of transportation. Learn how Crystal Group is applying our extensive knowledge and experience from military and aerospace systems engineering standards and practices to help keep everyone safe as more automated driving systems share our roadways.

Rugged and Secure—because failure is not an option

Crystal Group RIA is designed and tested to securely fuse massive amounts of AV sensor data, survive physical and cyber threats and deliver faster time to market. This compact, rugged server combines the latest Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, secure data handling and failsafe performance. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, unforgiving potholes and damaging collisions, Crystal Group RIA ensures reliable operations through conditions where traditional computers fail.

That’s why autonomous innovators trust us to help them succeed when safety and reliability matter most.

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