DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 2022

December 13-15, 2022   ·  San Antonio, TX   ·  Booth #545

Outpace, outsmart and outperform the invisible enemy

Confronting the growing complexity of challenges posed by nation state adversaries requires a precise combination of technology, skill sets, security and intelligence. Gaining a competitive advantage for mission success demands even more.

At DoDIIS Worldwide 2022, we will share how our integrated rugged compute solutions enable interoperability, fail-safe performance and real-time AI inference for the tactical edge. With the increased power, speed and accuracy our systems provide, missions can be executed with unmatched urgency, agility and precision in the most demanding, time-sensitive situations.

Featured products


1U system consolidates the work of six separate computers to provide three segregated lanes of data collection, transmission, and access for Top Secret, Secret, and Unclassified information by military ground vehicles, aircraft, and maritime vessels.

RVA6152 Rugged Video Appliance

World’s only ruggedized multi-4K video encoder and 4K IP KVM extender delivers critical, real-time 4K video streaming, recording, extension and storage for critical edge applications, including active combat operations.

RE0412 Rugged Embedded Computer

Four-pound (2kg), embedded computer ideal for unmanned air and ground vehicle applications. Equipped with two fixed 2.5″ SSDs, up to 16 TB internal storage, one PCIe x16 expansion slot, and wide range input power.