Crystal Group RACE Rugged Autonomous Computer Equipment

Win the autonomous race to market with Crystal Group RACE

Accelerate your autonomous vehicle project with Crystal Group RACE™ — Rugged Autonomous Computer Equipment. Crystal Group RACE™ rugged computers and kits are engineered to put your autonomous vehicle (AV), driving system (ADS), and unmanned (UAV) projects on the fast track to market. Reduce development time and speed past competitors. Crystal Group RACE systems pack impressive compute power, data-handling capabilities, and storage capacity into a compact, rugged solution that withstands harsh conditions – including potholes, collisions, and extreme temperatures that could cause traditional systems to fail.
Leveraging 35 years of experience tailoring high-performance, fail-safe rugged hardware for hundreds of defense missions and challenging industrial/commercial applications, Crystal Group RACE systems are built for safety and reliability. Jump-start your autonomous or unmanned project today with Crystal Group RACE autonomous computer equipment – available off-the-shelf or customized to specific requirements.

Smarter with Intel®. Stronger with Crystal.

15.6" (39.62cm)
30 - 40 lbs ( 13.61 - 18.14 kgs ) content dependent