Custom Services

Powerful. Innovative. Always with the end user in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a rugged server, an embedded server, rugged networking, a display or rugged storage system, Crystal Group can give you a customized and innovative design.

The growing number of requirements in the military and industrial communities require solutions capable of operating in some of the most challenging environments. Using our experience in avionics design and development, we have created the next generation in rugged computing to overcome those challenges.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and employ a rigorous Quality Operating Procedure in development activities.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Crystal Group has perfected techniques in extending the performance of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment to create high reliability computational systems for extreme environments.

These techniques include stabilizing components that are susceptible to damage from shock and vibration as required, increasing air flow to hot components, and even improving the conductive and convective heat transfer mechanisms of components to extend the thermal limits of COTS storage electronics.

Combining these techniques, with a skilled structural chassis design enables superior environmental performance and life. Our chassis are created from 6000 series aluminum coated with a corrosion inhibitor, which maintains the electrical conductivity of the chassis, thereby creating low impedance interfaces. Crystal’s innovative designs also restrict structure-borne and acoustic noise.

All electrical assembly techniques conform to IPC-A-610. Crystal Group uses the following in-house production equipment to build and test circuit boards:

  • Speedline MPM/SPM Solder Paste Screen Printer (Tin-lead or Lead Free)
  • Two Phillips GEM Topaz Automated Chip Shooters
  • Phillips GEM Emerald Automated Large BGA Machine with Mag Changer
  • Heller Six Stage IR Reflow Oven
  • Aqueous Technologies Board Washer
  • NUERA JR Tech Devices Wave Solder
  • ERSAScope BGA Optics
  • Mancorp BGA Repair Iron
  • Various Custom Test Equipment Units

Metal machining and inspection is completed on any one of six machines by trained personnel:

  • DoALL Model C305 CNC Saw
  • 30HP HAAS VR3, 10KRPM, 20 Tool Changer with Dual Pallet Changer
  • 30HP HAAS VR4, 10KRPM 20 Tool Changer
  • 30HP, Fadal Model 904, 10KRPM 21 Tool Changer
  • 10HP, HAAS Model TM1, 4.8KRPM, 10 Tool Changer
  • Brown and Sharp CMM

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Custom Integration

Building advanced technological systems Crystal Group excels in the integration of seemingly disparate technologies into advanced technological systems.   Our team of technical directors is skilled at quickly integrating pieces of technology to meet customer requirements. Crystal Group will specify, procure, inventory, integrate, test, deliver, install, support, and upgrade integrated systems. We specialize in: Ruggedization of COTS products to increase reliability. Integration and management of…

Project Management

Our systems engineers work closely with our business development managers to accurately capture your requirements and oversee your projects.
We employ a system of reviews and check points to ensure the customer gets exactly what they want and need, including systems requirements review (SRR), preliminary design review (PDR), critical design review (CDR), and production readiness reviews (PRR).

Programs are managed in Microsoft Project and risk management techniques are employed to ensure optimal use of resources and decision making results.