Durability & Reliability

Shock. Vibration. Temperature. Humidity. Dust. Dirt. Gravity.

Crystal Group’s ruggedized products are designed to operate in some of the most challenging environments. We build our reliable hardware solutions to keep your mission-critical systems, command and control platforms, and key infrastructure nodes running when they’re needed most – no matter how extreme the surroundings.

Our best-in-class process combines leading-edge commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) utilization and custom electrical design and development to produce open architecture systems tailored to your unique requirements.

Our engineers have perfected techniques to extend performance, including:

  • Stabilizing components that are susceptible to damage from shock and vibration;
  • Increasing air flow to hot components; and
  • Improving the conductive and convective heat transfer mechanisms of the components to extend the thermal limits of the COTS motherboards.

We routinely design and test to:

Using these techniques and tests, combined with skilled structural chassis design, enables superior environmental and electromagnetic performance. These techniques can extend a rugged COTS server to 6GRMS vibration, 40G crash safety shock, and full performance in a 71°C ambient temperature.

Crystal Group also specializes in high brightness, high resolution LCD displays packaged in a resilient enclosure. We focus heavy ground mobile vehicle Vetronics, as well as military helo’s, fighters, and Boeing commercial wide-body applications.

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