IoT at the edge

Crystal Group provides advanced connectivity kits for collecting and processing IoT data in the field, where office grade systems would fail. Designed for smart city, asset tracking, agriculture, smart grid, smart home, and transportation use cases, the system employs Ruckus E510 outdoor wireless access points which are connected to a Crystal Group ruggedized RCS7450 switch. Behind this network is a Crystal Group FORCE™ RS2608 rugged scalable Xeon class server which can host GPUs.


  • DoD certified, with IP-sec and AES 256 encryption for security
  • GPU capable for DNN or CNN processing
  • Ruckus BeamFlex+™ adaptive antennas to improve signal integrity
  • Support for Wi-Fi and emerging IoT protocols in a single access point
  • Available in copper or fiber switch options
  • High speed data ingress and processing

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