Sea Air Space 2023

April 3-5, 2023   ·  National Harbor, MD   ·  Booth #217

Modern, high-performance computing at sea

Join us in person at Sea Air Space April 3-5 to learn how we can help solve your critical compute challenges with solutions that give you the exact combination of power, performance and protection you need to gain a competitive edge.

Confronting the growing complexity of challenges posed by nation state adversaries requires a precise combination of technology, skill sets, security and intelligence. Gaining a competitive advantage for mission success demands even more.

At Sea Air Space 2023, we will share how our integrated rugged compute solutions enable interoperability, fail-safe performance and real-time AI inference for the tactical edge. With the increased power, speed and accuracy our systems provide, U.S. Navy forces can execute coordinated missions with unmatched urgency, agility and precision in the most demanding, time-sensitive situations.

With more than 150 variants across over 20,000 high-performance servers, the U.S. Navy relies on the seamless performance of Crystal Group equipment to execute secure, high-power computing operations, including:
•    Aviation Data Management and Control System (ADMACS)
•    Automated Digital Network System (ADNS)
•    Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS)
•    Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR)
•    Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES)
•    Acoustic Rapid Commercial off-the-shelf Insertion (A-RCI)

Featured products

RE2500 Series Portable Workstation Computer

Compute platform in a carry-on case. Failsafe and long-life performance in extreme conditions, the RE2500 is housed in an integrated, protected, and waterproof case for easy transportation.

RCS7850-32Q Rugged Networking Switch

32-port, fiber-optic switch with extreme 100Gb speed delivers real-time data transmission and processing for fielded operations

RS1004L21X2 Rugged 1U Twin Server

2U computing power and performance in a 1U rugged server critical for successful execution of combat, sonar, ISR and EW applications

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