MIL-STD-810, Method 507, Humidity | Jim on Engineering | Volume 2, Episode 3

Jim Shaw, Executive Vice President, describes MIL-STD-810, Method 507 Humidity testing: what equipment is necessary to do the testing and what are the types of tests we can perform at Crystal Group.

MIL-STD-810, Method 509, Salt Fog | Jim on Engineering | Volume 2, Episode 2

Method 509 is salt fog testing designed to measure the resistance of a product to the exposure to salt. This is relatively important in naval applications, but it can be applied to many other environments. Jim Shaw, Executive Vice President, talks with Jerad Christensen, Senior Compliance Technician, about how we are able to run Salt Fog tests in-house.

Crystal Group debuts new rugged server for autonomous vehicles at XPONENTIAL 2022

Lindsay Palma, Business Development Manager at Crystal Group, talks to Tom Varcie with Military Embedded Systems about the company’s newest rugged server at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2022 in Orlando. Lindsay explains that AVC1539 runs military autonomous vehicles to remote locations and is built for extreme environments.

MIL-STD-810, Method 514, Vibration | Jim on Engineering | Volume 2, Episode 1

Vibration, Method 514, is one of the more complicated—and interesting—aspects of MIL-STD-810 testing. Jim Shaw, Executive Vice President, breaks down how Crystal Group is able to perform this testing in-house.

Webinar: Leveraging AI for Unmanned Systems Applications

Part of Military Embedded Systems Unmanned Systems Virtual Conference, Crystal Group’s Executive Vice President, Jim Shaw, joined Wind River’s Director, A&D Industry Solutions, Alex Wilson, to discuss “Leveraging AI for Unmanned Systems Applications.” This session details how AI and deep learning solutions that leverage signal processing and AI algorithms will empower unmanned ISR, communications, and counter-drone applications.

Crystal Group features its new 1U dual twin rugged server at Sea Air Space 2022

Tedde Jones, program manager at Crystal Group, introduces the 1U dual twin rugged server to Military Embedded System’s Tom Varcie at Sea Air Space 2022.

Webinar: Modernizing the future of energy: Optimize Smart Grid performance, protection and profitability

Presented by IEEE Spectrum.

Growing demand, overburdened and aged equipment, strained resources, and increasing vulnerabilities are pushing the U.S. power grid to its breaking point. Time and action are imperative to solving the myriad of challenges plaguing grid operations today and well into the future. A critical factor to grid modernization and expansion is taking essential compute operations out of centralized data centers and into the field.

Webinar: Ruggedizing Commercial Displays and Mobile Computers for the Warfighter

Presented by Open System Media, Military Embedded Systems.

Commercial computing technology – smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers, etc. — brings consumers real-time communication, unprecedented processing power, high-resolution graphics, you name it. But, enabling that same tech for use by warfighters on the battlefield at sea or in a cockpit requires unique shock and vibration resistance, complex touchscreen features, night-time display readability, thermal challenges, etc., for situations the everyday consumer will never see. This webcast of industry experts will discuss those challenges, how to solve them, and what the future holds.

Crystal Group ruggedized video appliances on display at AUSA 2021

Technical Director, Jeff Dixon, talks to Military Embedded Systems Tom Varcie at AUSA 2021 about the our newest, rugged video appliances.

Crystal Group’s IoT at the edge products on display at XPONENTIAL 2021

Crystal Group’s Todd Prouty discusses the features and benefits of some the rugged embedded product line with Military Embedded Systems Tom Varcie.

Crystal Group debuting its portable rugged server at XPONENTIAL 2021

Crystal Group’s Todd Prouty showcases the newest portable rugged ground station with Military Embedded Systems Tom Varcie.

Crystal Group at Sea Air Space 2021

Military Embedded Systems Tom Varcie talks to Crystal Group’s Technical Director, Jeff Dixon about the company’s newest video encoder at Sea Air Space 2021 in National Harbor, MD.

Learn more about the industry’s first ruggedized video appliances (RVA) here

Webinar: Cooling Electronics Thermal Management

Presented by Open System Media, Military Embedded Systems.

This webcast featuring thermal-management experts covers the various cooling methods and the challenges faced while implementing them, especially in ever-smaller form factors.

Autonomous vehicle visit to Crystal Group

An autonomous, self-driving vehicle, powered by one of our computer systems, stopped at our office on it’s drive from the Twin Cities down to Texas. The cars are owned by VSI Labs and are used solely for research and development of self-driving technology and safety features.

Read more about the visit here.

Webinar: Keys to Developing Real-World AI/ML at the Edge

Presented by Open Systems Media, Embedded Computing Design.

AI/machine learning can be a boon to the Edge of the IoT if implemented properly. That sounds easy, but it has the potential to be mystifying. With the compute power that’s now available at the Edge, most calculations can be handled locally. While that doesn’t eliminate Cloud interaction completely, it certainly reduces the dependency. This webinar will drill down on gathering requirements for an AI/ML system at the Edge and look at what’s needed to make this technology a reality.

Cleaning the exterior of Crystal Group products

Crystal Group products are designed and built to withstand the elements; however, we occasionally receive requests for best practices for cleaning Crystal products. This video shows the cleaning method that is safe for all Crystal Group servers, computers, networking devices, keyboards and LCD screens.

Click here to download cleaning instructions.

Embedded Executives: Toni Hogan on Advancing Autonomous Vehicles

Tune in to this Embedded Executives interview at embedded world 2020 with Toni Hogan, Director of Program Management, Industrial & Commercial at Crystal Group, as she navigates the emerging roads of autonomous vehicle development.

Crystal Group highlights rugged switch for C-130 at #AUSA2019 with partners Ruckus and Angelus/PIC Wire

Listen in as Crystal Group’s Mike Ivester discusses its rugged switch along with partners Rick Machio from Ruckus and John Lytle from Angelus during #AUSA2019.

Crystal Group Displays OpenVINO™ with Data Protection Kit

Beth Otting, director of program management, military, from Crystal Group discusses the company’s Intel Openvino data protection display at AUSA 2019. Beth talks to #militaryvlogger Tom Varcie from Military Embedded Systems about tactical edge and Openvino — an open source product with AI accelerator for X86 architecture. Joseph Brand, chief security officer with Futura Cyber, helps explain how data is protected.

Crystal Group State-of-the-Art Facility and Capabilities

At Crystal Group, we design, engineer and build highly reliable, rugged computer hardware for military, industrial and commercial applications, leveraging commercial, off-the-shelf and custom innovations.

Our rugged servers, displays, storage systems, embedded computers and networking devices are built and tested to stringent military and industrial standards. Our solutions are built and tested in-house by highly trained professionals.

Secure rugged storage solution from Crystal Group at Sea Air Space 2019

Concerned about data-at-rest and secure rugged storage? Director of Program Management, Military, Beth Otting, describes how our rugged network switches can meet your programs’ security needs.

Crystal Group showcases FORCE™ rugged servers for Navy applications

Program Manager, Kate Helle, describes how our Crystal Group FORCE™ rugged server line solved specific flexibility problems for our Navy customers with it’s modular options.

Why is Crystal Group a cool place to work?

Why is Crystal Group one of the Coolest Places to Work in the Corridor? Let our employees tell you!

Crystal Group FORCE Module Options

Our discussion with Military Embedded Systems at XPONENTIAL 2019 about Crystal Group’s FORCE server module options. With each server option (1U, 2U, 3U), these modules options include driver carriers, additional serial ports, switch module, and a sanitize module.

Corporate Headquarters Ribbon Cutting, October 2018

To meet rapidly growing demand for its products, Crystal Group completed a $17.5 million business expansion in 2018 that added an impressive, new 111,500-square-foot facility, grew production capacity by more than 50%, created over 100 new jobs, and added state-of-the-art equipment.

Industrial Servers vs. Military Servers

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, explains the difference between Crystal Group’s Rugged Server and Industrial Server product lines.

Four minutes with Crystal Group about AI

Crystal Group discusses AI and automation with Military Embedded Systems at AUSA 2018.

Crystal Group Discusses Cyber Security at AUSA

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Robert Haag, along with Rick Macchio, consulting systems engineer at Ruckus Networks, discuss cyber security at our booth during AUSA.

Technology in 10 Minutes at AUSA LANPAC 2018

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bob Haag, described our capabilities and how they can be applied to Army applications.

Crystal Group introduces rugged power substation solutions at DistribuTECH

We talk to POWERGRID Internationals’ Teresa Hansen at DistribuTECH 2018 about Crystal Group’s new power substation solutions as well as their partnership with Intel & VMWare.

Military Drones to Self-Driving Cars: The Future Is Now

Crystal Group’s President and EVP of Engineering explain how decades of rugged military computing experience led the way to pioneering autonomous driving systems with Intel® and leading OEM’s worldwide.

Burn in Rack

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, discusses the burn in process all units go through at Crystal Group before shipping.

Closer Look: Rugged Displays

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, discusses the need for Rugged Displays, and how Crystal Group can meet that need.

EMI and Power Supplies

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, discusses EMI requirements, and what Crystal Group is doing to ruggedize power supplies to meet these requirements.

How to Achieve Ruggedization

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, explains how Crystal Group ruggedizes their product lines.

What is Ruggedized COTS?

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, explains the origin of ruggedized COTS, and how Crystal Group provides ruggedized COTS equipment to their customer base.

Ruggedized COTS Testing

Here at Crystal Group we’ve tailored a vibration profile to really take into account wheeled vehicle as well as some turbo prop aircraft. What we do is we have a composite profile that gets us 4.43 Gs and essentially we do that for all of our products. That’s what it means to us to pass vibration.

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