White Papers


Transforming Data Center Infrastructure from Enterprise to Tactical Edge

The digital universe is rapidly expanding, as organizations and individuals everywhere use digital devices to capture, share, use, and store data. Organizations worldwide increasingly rely on fast, frequent, and reliable access to growing volumes of data. Data centers from the enterprise to the tactical edge are modernizing to meet current and future data demands, transforming critical data-handling and storage infrastructures with the use of modern, high-performance hardware, software, and hybrid technologies.

Understanding Power Consumption in Digital Electronics

This document provides system designers with key elements in understanding multiple source power consumption in digital processors and supporting chipsets found in computational server hardware. Understanding thermal management in digital electronics comprises a vast number of design considerations that must be accounted for before fielding computational hardware for low maintenance installations into high stress environments and operating conditions. The paper identifies these factors and describes the various physical properties that system designers need to understand when designing servers which operate in harsh environments.

Power Supply Testing: 400 Hz Operation

This document provides documentation that Crystal Group power supplies are 400 Hz compatible. Included in the document is empirical test data that backs up that claim. Crystal Group often receives requirements to accommodate 400 Hz power input on our servers, switches, displays, and in general, any equipment targeted for certain airborne installations.