Rugged Solutions

Rugged computer systems designed to perform and built to last.

Crystal Group’s high-performance, high-quality off-the-shelf and custom-designed computing solutions are engineered from the ground up to work reliably, even in the toughest environments and most demanding applications.

Aerospace & defense, industrial, and commercial customers count on Crystal Group rugged computers, electronics and fail-safe computing architecture. Crystal Group’s combat-proven, field-tested solutions are deployed on 600 military programs; put them to work for you.

Crystal Group products:

  • withstand harsh environmental conditions, including shock and vibration, temperature extremes, sand/dust, sea spray/salt fog, and more;
  • meet or exceed military, IEEE, and IEC industrial standards;
  • use the latest commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, including Intel’s newest processors;
  • are built to quality management standards ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D; and
  • carry a 5+ year warranty with in-house and on-location support.
Rugged Servers

Crystal Group Rugged Servers (RS) are designed to deliver high-performance computing and high-capacity data storage in some of the roughest terrains and toughest applications. Select from more than two dozen popular models, each covered by a 5-year warranty, or call on Crystal Group to custom-design a device to meet your exact specifications.

Crystal Group RIA™ Rugged Intelligence and Autonomy

Crystal Group RIA™ (Rugged Intelligence and Autonomy) combines impressive compute power, data-handling capabilities, and storage capacity in a compact, rugged solution capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, including potholes, collisions, and extreme temperatures that are likely to cause traditional systems to fail. Specifically designed for unmanned and autonomous driving vehicles, this turnkey solution is ideal for both military and commercial/industrial applications.

Crystal Group ES™ Energy Series

As the U.S. Smart Grid expands to accommodate the ever-growing demands for more, uninterrupted power, seamless operations of the more than 70,000 substations across the country is imperative. With rugged hardware built to withstand the most extreme elements, meet IEEE and IEC standards, process massive amounts of data, and protect against potential breeches, the Crystal Group Energy SeriesTM delivers.

Rugged Cybersecurity Solutions

From military missions in austere and contested environments to autonomous vehicles sharing our roadways to critical power infrastructure, our customers demand unwavering data access and security in unpredictable, unmanned and unforgiving environments.

Embedded Computer Systems

Engineered for long life, Crystal Group embedded computers harness powerful Intel® chipsets and processors, are completely and easily configurable, boast advanced thermal management and an all-aluminum chassis, and are combat-proven and field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and extreme environments.

Rugged Networking

Crystal Group Rugged Networking appliances provide plug-and-play functionality in harsh conditions, with switches, firewalls, and routers housed in rugged, lightweight, and compact enclosures. Choose from 19-inch rack or transit case form factors constructed with strain-hardened aircraft aluminum to survive extreme environments, extreme temperatures, and high shock and vibration.

Rugged Storage Systems

Crystal Group’s turnkey Rugged Storage Systems (RSS) combine high-capacity data storage and military-grade security in a reliable, rugged device that doesn’t sacrifice performance or critical data. Rugged Storage Systems, available in multiple form factors, boast high-bandwidth SAS architecture and enterprise-class SATA hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs).

Rugged Displays

Crystal Group Rugged Displays (RD) are engineered to meet military, industrial, and commercial demands for high brightness and contrast, sunlight readability, and resistance to impact, scratches, condensation and dust penetration. Choose from 17- and 19-inch displays, available with HD-15 and DVI interfaces or a KVM switch, for rack-mount, wall-mount, pole-mount, and RAM-mount applications.

Rugged Carbon Fiber Servers

Crystal Group Rugged Carbon Fiber Servers pack robust compute power and flexible data storage in a specialized carbon-fiber chassis. Rugged, lightweight Carbon Fiber Servers offer shock and vibration resilience and EMI/EMC protection, making them the optimal choice for manned and unmanned airborne and ground-based applications.

Industrial Servers

Crystal Group Industrial Servers (IS), benefitting from three decades of experience, provide superior performance in a compact, economical, and environmentally friendly package. Industrial Servers meet emission and military standards, boast a rugged aluminum chassis and state-of-the-art thermal management, and are designed to excel in industrial and commercial applications.