Every program is unique. Every application has a defined purpose. In unpredictable, remote edge environments where safety, security and success are on the line, you need rugged, high-performance compute solutions designed to achieve your specific objectives with flawless precision.


Achieve your high-performance edge compute needs with impressive power, data handling and storage capacity using the latest Intel® processors in form factors ranging from 1U to 5U.


Keep a clear line of sight with advanced lamination and glass that improve durability and impact resistance, deliver crisp images, and manage brightness and contrast for easy readability while minimizing reflection, condensation and dust buildup.

Data Storage
Data Storage

Combine high-capacity data storage and military-grade security in turnkey rugged systems available in multiple form factors. Solutions feature high-bandwidth SAS architecture and enterprise-class SATA hard disk drives or solid-state drives.


Relay critical information in real time over secure connections with plug-and-play functionality in remote, unpredictable environments.

Embedded Computers
Embedded Computers

Compute and store critical data in a reduced footprint that is field-tested and combat-proven to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and extreme environments.


As new technology and innovations emerge, some of our products become part of our legacy product vault. We still maintain and refresh these models for specific customer needs. In addition, these models illustrate capabilities that can be incorporated into new solutions.

We’re here to solve your most difficult edge compute challenges

Our integrated solutions are tailored to meet your exact needs while managing SWaP efficiency and eliminating uncertainty and complexity. With the agility to collaborate swiftly, we incorporate emerging technologies, cybersecurity, environmental performance and unique requirements so you always have the latest, most reliable systems to achieve today’s objectives for tomorrow’s success.


Unlike traditional compute devices, our chassis are milled from aircraft-grade aluminum while components are protected and stabilized using proprietary techniques. Engineered to exceed strict military and industrial standards, our products are field-tested and proven to deliver seamless performance and success in any domain, in any conditions.


Trusted by industry leaders, the U.S. Department of Defense and global allies, our systems are deployed on more than 650 applications worldwide. Unparalleled quality and performance are backed by ISO9001:2016/AS9100D certifications, 24/7 global support and a five-year warranty to ensure products perform without fail when safety, accuracy and efficiency are paramount.


As new programs emerge or existing needs evolve, so do our solutions. The combined power of our flexible designs, COTS components, vertically integrated services, modern factory, and ecosystem of revered technology partners give us the speed and agility to collaborate swiftly and deliver tailored solutions on schedule.


From Root of Trust hardware to data-in-motion protection, we take the complexity out of cybersecurity and accreditation. Confidential data stays secure with solutions that incorporate the optimal combination of intrusion detection, instant data destruction, FIPS 140-2 SAS drives, NIAP-certified hardware, IPsec and MACsec switches, key encryption and management software.

Rugged that works

You can’t compromise on quality or performance when operating in edge environments. Our engineers have perfected critical system design elements to optimize operational life, performance and reliability to give you an edge when you need it most.

Rugged chassis

Milled, not bent, 6061T651 aircraft-grade aluminum exterior and interior support structures are bonded and fastened to base plates. This enhances vibration performance, limits weight, and improves thermal and electrical conductivity. Non-hexavalent chromate coatings maintain electrical conductivity for low impedance interfaces.

Advanced thermal management

We specialize in solving the toughest thermal-management challenges to optimize performance and operational life by protecting critical components and systems from hot and cold temperature extremes.

Shock isolation and vibration resilience

Systems are meticulously designed and developed to withstand extreme levels of shock and vibration with purpose-built solutions that meet or exceed military specifications.

Rigorous performance standards

We design and test our systems to meet or exceed IEEE 1613, IEC 61850 and military standards, cybersecurity protections and program requirements. As standards are updated, so are our designs, work instructions and test procedures.

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