How to clean and maintain our products

Our products are built for extremely tough environmental conditions. This means they are deployed in areas where they will be exposed to dirt, salt fog, or other debris. A dirty chassis doesn’t impact our rugged hardware’s operation, but knowing what tools and products are needed to maintain them can help extend the life of the product.

The following method – demonstrated here – is safe for all Crystal Group servers, computers, networking devices, keyboards and LCD screens.

  1. Disconnect all external power sources, devices and cables.
  2. Use an ESD*-safe, lint-free cloth; avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels or similar items.
  3. Apply a light to moderate amount of 70 percent (or higher) isopropyl alcohol solution to the cloth. If solution is dripping from the cloth, wring the excess from the cloth before proceeding. Never spray cleaners directly on to the equipment. Do not use bleach or other alternative cleaning agents like Clorox® wipes as they can damage the exterior finishes and labeling.
  4. Wipe down the exterior surfaces with the alcohol-dampened cloth thoroughly.
  5. If wiping connectors, ensure the operator is grounded in compliance with ANSI/ESD 20.20, the global standard for the development of an ESD Control Program, as published by the ESD Association.
  6. Watch to ensure some alcohol is present as you sanitize the surface. This can be verified by watching the alcohol evaporate after wiping the equipment with the soft, alcohol-dampened cloth.
  7. If desired, cleaned equipment may be stored in an ESD-safe bag when not in use to prevent contamination.

If you have any questions on safe cleaning and disinfecting practices for Crystal Group products after reviewing or following these prescribed steps, please contact our Technical Services team.

*Guidelines for electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe materials and handling procedures are included in the ANSI/ESD 20.20 control document.