Rugged COTS Platform Takes on Fast-Changing Needs of Self-Driving Trucks

Autonomous vehicles are drawing attention with sleek consumer offerings, high-profile investments in research and manufacturing, and the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) transforming the driving experience. The sheer size of automotive markets is compelling, but the challenges of self-driving are steep. Autonomy levels start with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and move higher. As autonomy increases, so do the technical challenges as vehicles encounter more unpredictable situations and variables.

One sub-segment of autonomous vehicles (AVs) making significant progress is self-driving trucks. Long-haul trucking often offers predictable routes between interstate highway stops, warehouses, or depots. Trucks also have a higher physical profile than cars, improving sensor visibility and increasing available volume for compute equipment. In addition, a shortage of qualified drivers is further propelling adoption of the technology.

The fast-changing needs of self-driving trucks are forcing compute platforms to evolve. Advantech and Crystal Group are teaming up to power that evolution based on AV trends, compute requirements, and a rugged COTS philosophy converging for breakthrough innovation in self-driving truck designs.

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