Anti-Trafficking of Humans Compliance Plan

Last updated January 2019


Crystal Group, Inc. (CGI) has developed this Anti-Trafficking Compliance Plan (“Plan”) in accordance with the U.S. Government’s policy regarding trafficking in persons by government contractors and award recipients, as set out in FAR Subpart 22.17 and 52.222-50(h).

The purpose of this Plan is to ensure employees, agents and subcontractors are aware of prohibited conduct under anti-trafficking regulations and laws, as well as actions that may result from violations.

The scope of the Plan includes the operations and activities of CGI as well as those subcontractors and agents in its supply chain performing on this contract. This Plan is maintained by the Contracts Office located at 855 Metzger Drive, Hiawatha, IA 52233-1204.

Read the full plan here.

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