Improve performance, safety, and security at the edge with data center accuracy

Companies are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous operations, and hyper-converged infrastructure to elevate performance, improve safety, and lockdown data. But to gain the real-time accuracy and reliability of these game-changing advancements, the technology often has to “live” in remote, unpredictable, and unmanned edge environments where traditional computers fail.

Demanding industrial applications, like trucking, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and power substations, require Crystal Group’s rugged industrial solutions to integrate compute power, speed, accuracy, and security into systems proven to deliver seamless operation in the most punishing, ever-changing conditions.

Critical compute features for industrial applications include:

  • State-of-the-art physical and data security
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Powerful high-performance data collection, processing and storage
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Compact and lightweight form factors

Industries Served

Autonomous vehicles & systems

Innovators worldwide are racing to introduce safe, reliable autonomous and unmanned vehicles and systems into mainstream transportation.

By incorporating our rugged and secure high-performance computer architectures and electronics systems, our customers are achieving their development goals on schedule, on budget and ahead of the competition.

Customer Applications
  • Advanced driver assistance
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning & computer vision
  • Delivery and rideshare service
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles

Oil & Gas

Improvements in computing technology have advanced seismic data processing and analysis, along with reservoir modeling and simulations.

With the increased focus on production monitoring, our compact, rugged embedded computers and industrial servers replace the need for traditional monitoring by eliminating extensive labor and reducing the potential for errors.

Customer Applications
  • Well production monitoring
  • Fracking operations
  • Down hole fiber analysis
  • Pipeline health monitoring


Creating, distributing and monitoring electricity across a broad scope of energy forms—including nuclear, thermal, hydro and renewable power—requires infallible computing performance.

That’s why major power companies depend on our rugged solutions to monitor and maintain uninterrupted automation systems at substations, often in remote locations with limited or intermittent onsite staff.

Customer Applications
  • Substation control
  • Plant monitoring
  • Outage identification
  • Field monitoring

To learn more about how we serve the utilities market, download our solution brief here.

Commercial aviation

Accurate, uninterrupted operation of multiple onboard systems is critical to flight safety.

Crystal Group’s unique combination of lightweight, carbon fiber computer hardware equipped with DC power meets strict EMC/EMI requirements, ensuring critical processing power for safe, reliable flight operations.

Customer Applications
  • Custom instrumentation packages
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Search and rescue efforts
  • Data and video capture
  • Wind tunnel testing

Railway transit

Rail networks require sophisticated automation to deliver scalable configurations, multiple functionality and high performance.

Using Crystal Group rugged embedded computers, railways are benefiting from consistent rail safety, location monitoring, communication, lighting, fault detection and collision avoidance.

Customer Applications
  • Collision avoidance
  • Control monitoring
  • Data acquisition
  • Signal control
  • Traffic management


Vibration, dust, extreme heat and cold, air pressure and humidity present unstable conditions in tough mining environments.

This makes mining operations increasingly dependent on sophisticated computing technology to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Our innovative mining automation solutions withstand these challenges with high reliability and low maintenance.

Customer Applications
  • Shovel control
  • Wireline monitoring
  • Surface mining operations
  • Topology mapping


Tracking, monitoring, and reporting current and forecasted weather activity is a central element of our daily lives for everything from cultivating plentiful crops to planning safe travel and preventing catastrophic disasters.

Our industrial and rugged servers installed on weather radar systems enable uninterrupted and timely data acquisition, digital processing, and radar meteorology.

Customer Applications
  • Data acquisition
  • Digital processing
  • Radar meteorology
  • Remote radar stations


Global ship operators rely on accurate information about a wide variety of ocean conditions, including water levels, currents, and winds.

Built to survive and thrive in ruthless conditions, our industrial and rugged servers provide the processing power and storage capacity our customers need for safe and successful operations.

Customer Applications
  • Water level tracking
  • Tide monitoring
  • Water temperature monitoring

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