US Sales Team

Our specialized and dedicated Sales Team provides a 24-hour response on quotes, and focuses strictly on getting our customers exactly what they need.

They work closely with customers to ensure their requirements are met and develop strong business relationships based on trust and dependability.

Toni Hogan
Director of Program Management
missy_andrews us sales
Missy Andrews
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3266
jennifer-becker us sales
Jennifer Becker
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3297
melinda-fall us sales
Melinda Fall
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3265
brian-hamed us sales
Brian Hamed
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3272
kate-helle us sales
Kate Helle
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3271
chad-lindgren us sales
Chad Lindgren
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3299
jennifer-mcleod us sales
Jennifer McLeod
Program Manager
Office: 319.294.3456
abbie_obermiller us sales
Abbie Obermiller
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3296
kimberly-carter-clark us sales
Kimberly Carter-Clark
Program Manager
Office: 319.734.3262
tim-ford us sales
Tim Ford
Business Development Manager – Army
Office: 319.734.3261
harry-oakley us sales
Harry Oakley
Business Development Manager – Navy/Marines
Office: 319.294.3455
todd-prouty us sales
Todd Prouty
Business Development Manager
Office: 319.734.3268
Kathy Willett
Sales Associate – Inside Sales
Office: 319.294.3459