COTS components in custom builds for Special Operations Forces

New, high-tech equipment is projected to enhance and expand Special Operations warfighters capabilities, and help hyper-enabled operators be as effective as possible in achieving their missions. Equipment that takes advantage of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies is also the best bet for being fielded fast. Commercial technology alone isn’t enough, however.

Special Operations Forces operate all around the world, performing critical missions in virtually every environment imaginable, numbering nearly 75,000 deployed in 2021 alone. Traditional, commercially available computers and servers are designed to operate in protected, temperature- and humidity-controlled, stationary enterprise environments, such as offices or data centers – and can be expected to malfunction or fail when deployed in the field.

The equipment upon which operators rely and mission successes depend should be as capable, hardworking, dependable, and resilient – or rugged – as the warfighters themselves. They need robust electronics systems built from the ground up to be rugged, responsive, and reliable in even the most challenging missions and severe environments.

Armed with decades of experience, Crystal Group engineers specialize in designing high-performance, rugged electronics hardware to meet the needs of the Armed Forces and the demands of the increasingly digital battlefield. Deployed on hundreds of military programs to date, Crystal Group hardware is built from the ground up to be robust, rugged, and reliable using proven, field-tested technologies, established industry standards, and lessons learned in mission- and safety-critical military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications worldwide.

Crystal Group offers a full range of rugged, high-reliability electronics hardware – including custom and commercial rugged servers, embedded computers, networking devices, displays, power supplies, and data storage devices – built to withstand harsh environments and meet the needs of modern missions and the elite, highly trained Special Operations Forces.

Rugged, high-performance electronics hardware from Crystal Group, equipped with the latest commercial technologies and designed to withstand the rigors of battle and severe conditions in all operational environments, can go a long way toward helping achieve current and future military goals.