Hiring Engineering Talent

Jim Shaw, EVP of Engineering at Crystal Group, discusses the qualifications employers should look for when hiring engineering talent.

Video Transcript: Episode 49 – “Hiring Engineering Talent”

Hi, Jim Shaw here from Crystal Group. Just want to spend a moment talking to those engineering managers that are out there that are looking for top notch help. And essentially my philosophy is on this is it kind of depends on where you are at, who you should be looking for. In a large company like one that I came from, they tend to specialize a lot. Where in smaller companies like this one at Crystal Group, we tend to wear a lot of hats. There are really kind of different skill sets or personality types, I should say, that you are looking for. In the smaller company you want someone that is comfortable with a variety of different tasks. You are always looking for someone smart, passionate, motivated but you really need to take a look at the organization and how that person fits within the organization. That’s one of the things we tend to look at.

But you’re always looking for that person that can make a huge difference in the abilities of the company and the corporation. We’re always looking for really bright people, people who are motivated, people who are driven, people that are, for this company, comfortable wearing a large number of hats, essentially doing different tasks, and those that are accountable. We are really moving in that direction, driving hard to go find those kinds of top notch people that really want to make a difference. That’s what we look for, we look for that passion, we look for that motivation, that drive, that initiative. That’s our current position. Thanks a lot.