Rugged Transit Case Integration

Rugged Transit CasesCrystal Group’s experienced engineers will build and integrate the optimal military, industrial, or commercial system into a transit case to enable rugged, high-performance computing on the move.

Crystal Group differentiates its Rugged Transit Case Integration by offering:
– wide power and voltage operational ranges,
– custom panels for efficient and flexible input/output (I/O) characteristics,
– superior cable management for enhanced life,
– superior thermal management for a wide range of conditions, and
– reduced weight for portability and mobility.

Crystal Group’s staff also offers configuration management, extended procurement options, and advanced notice on end-of-life (EOL) and last-time-buy (LTB) components.

Crystal Group Rugged Transit Case Integration offers one part number, no hassles, and superior service and support. Click here to learn more.

Contact Crystal Group’s helpful and knowledgeable staff for a quote, a custom solution, or more information.

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