Vertical integration: A clear advantage

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with our customer’s need for high-quality, custom solutions delivered on condensed timelines. As a vertically integrated company, we can manage everything, from start to finish, under one roof.

Defining vertical integration

To us, vertical integration is more than simply having every aspect of our business under one roof, but rather how we can work better for our customers. We specialize in taking on unique, and sometimes difficult, projects that require enhanced collaboration among team members. Our team is not only able to collaborate more freely, but we can completely control the solution we deliver to our customers.

What vertical integration looks like

As you can imagine, the process of outsourcing each component for a rugged compute solution would not only drive up cost but would significantly extend the timeline of the overall build. When designing our 111,500 square foot facility in 2018, we considered each and every process that could be brought in-house and did just that.

Currently, we have the following manufacturing processes at our headquarters:

  • Design engineering
  • CNC
  • Wiring harnesses
  • SMT circuit board assembly
  • Conformal coating
  • Staking
  • Full chassis assembly, including power supply
  • Final test
  • Environmental testing

The Crystal Group engineering team is able to easily facilitate each step in the build process to reduce traditional challenges, like miscommunication among vendors or unexpected cost increases that others without these capabilities may experience.

What this means for you

We are here to solve your toughest challenges, as easily and quickly as possible. By choosing to use our rugged solutions, our customers are putting program success and their reputations in our hands. We know the level of trust that requires, and we take it to heart. For Crystal Group, being vertically integrated allows us to deliver what our customers need, at that moment, which is and always will be our main priority.