Industrial Brochure

Predictable performance in unpredictable environments

Volatile, remote, and unforgiving edge environments demand robust technologies, flawless operation, and reliable security. That’s why Crystal Group custom-engineers intelligent, rugged computer solutions that perform without fail in the most remote and extreme conditions when safety, accuracy, and efficiency
are paramount.

As a leading provider of rugged, high-performing computer hardware, we design, manufacture, and customize our proven, field-tested products in-house. With the agility to collaborate swiftly, we incorporate evolving technologies, performance standards, and program requirements to ensure you have the exact combination of power, performance, and protection you need to be successful.

With a partner that is continuously looking forward, you’ll also stay ahead of the technology curve. Our experience and expertise serving edge markets means we anticipate the next level of operational needs to lead innovative developments that are ready before you know you need them—because if you’re on time, you’re late.

Take the reliability, speed, and security of pivotal compute operations out of the data center and into the field with Crystal Group.

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