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Today’s trucking companies are facing a shortage of qualified drivers. This issue is compounded by the inherent challenges of human operation — such as staying awake, avoiding distractions, and capably navigating traffic and weather conditions — while ensuring safe, on-time delivery. By equipping semi-tractor-trailers with autonomous, AI-enabled capabilities, TuSimple is working to alleviate the industry’s human capital challenges, improve operating efficiencies, reduce risks related to human error, and make our roads safer.

The Challenge

TuSimple is a technology company dedicated to advancing self-driving technologies in the commercial trucking industry. In their effort to fill the growing shortage of long-haul drivers while improving safety and efficiency, TuSimple needed to equip its fleet of autonomous semi-trucks with rugged servers capable of accurately and seamlessly processing real-time sensor, camera and radar data regardless of the ever-changing physical conditions.



The Solution

Working with TuSimple, Crystal Group designed a custom autonomous vehicle computer to deliver rugged, high-performance computing for driverless trucking operations. Crystal Group customized the unit with enhanced processing power, thermal management and shock absorption that raised industry benchmarks for safety, efficiency and reliability.


  • Real-time data capture and sensor fusion for accurate situational awareness
  • Robust, reliable compute power, storage capacity and data handling
  • Ability to withstand extreme environmental temperatures, shock and vibration
  • Advanced thermal management for seamless system operation
  • Compact footprint and weight
  • Streamlined integration with existing systems

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