Edge computing for AI-enabled oil and gas applications

Oil platforms and offshore rigs operate in some of the toughest environmental conditions. Whether it’s salt fog, extreme temperatures, or high humidity environments, traditional computing hardware designed for the regulated confines of a data center is unable to handle these settings.

As more and more oil and gas companies make the switch to edge computing to improve data collection and monitoring, they need rugged solutions built with those unfriendly conditions in mind.

With years of experience in designing rugged units for the harshest defense applications, our solutions guarantee seamless operation in the remote and harsh environments that oil and gas operate in. By moving computing to the edge, data and analytics capture is significantly more efficient, accurate, and actionable. All these traits are of growing importance as the oil and gas industry is forced to expand into more unforgiving environments.

As everyone knows, technology is evolving and improving constantly to meet ever-changing requirements. Not only does technology need to operate in obscure environments, computing power and processing must also adapt to increasing demands. By incorporating the latest NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU into our component portfolio, we can consistently provide a cutting-edge solution for the oil and gas industry.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture 3rd Gen RT Cores

The new NVIDIA L4 GPU incorporates a wide array of updates, like improved performance for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning operations. This component satisfies the parallel processing power required for AI/ML/inferencing for real-time actionable alerts related to down hole sensor data, IP camera video, or cybersecurity events while also providing the reliability that edge computing needs.

All Crystal Group products come with a standard five-year warranty, and a U.S. based 24/7/365 technical support team for post-purchase support. So, whether an engineer has a simple troubleshooting question, or a component goes end-of-life, our customers always have a trusted expert to consult with.

When we send our rugged hardware to our customers, we want it to stay deployed in the field for as long as possible; configuration management makes it feasible. Our systematic approach tracks and factors in hardware and software changes to replace end-of-life and last-time-buy components over the operational life of a product or system. These forward-looking measures ensure changes to the original configuration are seamless while maintaining consistent product integrity, performance, and compliance.

As the oil and gas industry requires edge computing for remote drilling and monitoring, the solution is rugged hardware designed and manufactured by Crystal Group.

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