Failure is not an option

As technology and innovation continue to accelerate connectivity, capabilities, and development processes, the emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction have escalated as critical differentiators. These expectations are tenfold for edge compute solutions because they cannot fail: End users need these products to work how, when, and where they need because lives, safety, security, and success depend on it.

This is why we’ve always taken the quality and reliability of our products so seriously at Crystal Group. We know that our rugged, high-performance solutions have to work without fail in mission critical computing applications in the most extreme conditions and demanding environments. To ensure the accuracy of split-second decisions and flawless performance in autonomous semi-trucks, battlefield communications, or missile defense systems, quality is our top priority.

Going beyond table stakes

For quality to be a differentiator that sets a product or solution apart from its competition, a company can’t be content with meeting basic requirements. Like many of our peers, we:

  • train all employees on our quality expectations, tools, and processes;
  • implement and adhere to production controls, like ESD and FOD avoidance;
  • use standard work instructions and automation to increase build consistency while reducing lead time;
  • enact continuous improvements; and
  • conduct multiple rounds of rigorous testing and inspections.

Where Crystal Group starts to distinguish itself from others are the next-level steps we take that not only elevate the long-term quality and reliability of our solutions, they also help simplify system integration, interoperability and certifications for our customers.

At the product level, we design, build, and test our products to meet or exceed strict industry-specific standards. This reassures our customers that our products will perform without fail regardless of harsh environmental stressors.

For the big-picture perspective, we perform several annual audits to sustain the integrity of our quality processes and performance. This includes internal assessments of our Quality Management System, customer and government agency site-based audits, and a third-party audit to maintain our AS9100D certification. The data and insights gained through these systemic evaluations ensure we are in constant alignment with industry standards and evolving customer expectations.

A rare, powerful advantage

Even with all the latest tools and automation, detailed processes, and sound controls in place, delivering quality products isn’t guaranteed. The deciding factor is the ownership and engagement of the people performing the work.

To that end, Crystal Group has a rare, yet powerful advantage. As a 100% employee-owned company, every employee is personally invested in the company’s success. Ask any employee, whether they work in production, finance, HR, or engineering, and they will tell you that they are responsible for ensuring we deliver exceptional quality for the success and satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, the company’s Out-of-Box Experience (OBE) program ties our customers’ positive experiences with our products to direct payments to our employees. For every month Crystal Group achieves its quality goals—which are based on cumulative customer expectations—our executive managers personally hand each employee a cash reward and heartfelt thank you. These incentives are amplified with yearly goals, with even larger payouts for production performance.

When we fall short of our quality goals, we take it very seriously, using the lessons learned to identify root cause and take action to prevent future problems. These efforts help us maintain high industry standards, while also improving our scrap and rework processes to reduce lead times and drive more accurate inventory management.

With 20% of our workforce being active, former, or retired military, we all take to heart the importance of what we do, who we do it for, and why the quality of our products matter. We know people rely on our equipment to work when, where, and how they need it to.

Our ultimate priority at Crystal Group is—and always will be—a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. We want every order to arrive on time and work without fail because that’s what our customers pay for and what they deserve.