Innovative AV solutions for an evolving market

As the autonomous vehicle (AV) market continues to grow, evolving needs and new challenges have impacted the industry. Compute solutions for this market must be operational in extreme climate conditions, adaptable to the latest configuration, and manage excessive heat from power-hungry components.

Durability is key. By ruggedizing COTS components, adding conformal coating, and testing to environmental standards, autonomous hardware can effectively perform at the edge.

With large power requirements comes excessive heat generated inside the chassis. Excess heat can be mitigated, without sacrificing reliability or performance, by using thermal management methods like liquid cooling.

Flexible solutions are becoming more necessary as AV developers continue to adapt solutions after testing. Components that are easily exchanged or upgraded not only add ease but also extend the life of the product.

To learn more about the evolving needs of the AV industry and how we’re providing solutions that meet all these requirements, watch the below webinar from the Automotive Technologies Virtual Conference.