Custom industrial server to eliminate oil platform downtime

Because of the remote nature of an oil platform or rig, any technology point of failure resulting in operational downtime or emergency repair could cause thousands of dollars a day in lost revenue.

When an oil and gas customer approached us requiring a server that can run software to prevent that costly downtime, we designed the IS2502 Industrial 2U Server to collect data and send real-time alerts of potential platform failure. This fully custom solution needed to be designed efficiently and be easily adaptable in anticipation of future supply chain issues, all while meeting a strict budget. Additionally, this custom solution for the oil and gas industry also meets BIS certification, to be in compliance with Indian standards.

The most important requirement for this purpose-designed appliance was high-reliability in challenging environmental conditions like extreme heat, humidity, and vibration. By testing to strict environmental standards, the IS2502 is operational in a wide range of conditions.

Modularity was key with the design of the IS2502. With a completely custom faceplate to accept COTS drive carriers, this server provided the customer with exactly what they needed, while limiting excess components and lowering cost.

In the future, components of this server can be easily upgraded or switched out to meet the ever-changing demands of the oil and gas industry.

The server was delivered to the customer with exact specifications met, on time, and most importantly, on budget.