SE16 Sealed Embedded Computer

Field tested, failsafe and long life performance in extreme conditions. Feature rich Crystal Group Sealed Embedded Computer Systems are powerful, compact, and rugged. Completely and easily configurable, the Embedded product line boasts advanced thermal management and an all-aluminum chassis, are field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and harsh environments. Crystal Group Sealed Embedded Computer Systems follow the Intel® Roadmap to ensure access to the latest, powerful Intel chipsets and processors.

SE16 Sealed Embedded Computer
  • All aluminum construction – 23 lbs.
  • Easily mounted from base or top
  • Rugged sealed system rated to IP67
  • Versatility with up to six 2.5″ SSD hard drives
  • Power efficient Broadwell DE/Xeon-D
  • Natural convection cooled, does not require cold plate
Environmental Standards
MIL-STD 810, Operational Temperature, Method 501, Procedure I/II -40°C to +50°C, reduced performance to +71°C
MIL-STD-810, Storage, Method 501, Procedure I/II -55°C to +85°C
MIL-STD-810, Humidity, Method 507, Procedure II 240 hours
MIL-STD-810, Altitude, Method 500 12,500ft operation, 40,000ft transport
MIL-S-901, Grade B, Class 2, Type B Testing performed with SSD
MIL-STD-810, Vibration, MIL-STD-167-1A, Procedure I 5.5G, 10-2,000Hz, 60 min/axis, 3 axes with vibration kit
Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
Some standards may require an internal kit
DC, MIL-STD-461, RE102, CE102 compliant
Height 13.34" (33.88cm)
Width 3.7" (9.4cm) max
Depth 14.075" (35.75cm) (over body), 16.275" (42.5cm) max over handles & mil-circ connectors
Weight 23 lbs (10.43 kgs) max with all drives populated and one card installed
Intel® CPU architecture options from Intel embedded long-life roadmap
Six core, X10SDV-6C
Internal Expansion Slots
One PCIeX16 3/4 length 8.5” max full height
Removable Drives and I/O
Option 1 Six removable 2.5″ drives
Option 2 Three removable drives & a capacitance holdup module
Option 3 Rotational hard drives with reduced vibration or temperature specifications
Option 4 Above options with easy access thumb screws for drive access door (not IP67 compliant)
Natural convection, requires 1.5″ clearance (side to side) for full thermal performance
Mounted from the base flanges with eight 12-24 socket head machine screws
Power Supply
18-36VDC, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461
System Board
Software Capability
Accepts Windows 10®, VMware® or Linux®
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