Rugged, high-performance compute solutions ready to “sense, make sense, and act” for JADC2

As the current speed, evolution and severity of national and international threats continues to increase and escalate, the need for complete, timely, actionable information across the U.S. military is more critical than ever. Through its JADC2—Joint All-Domain Command & Control—initiative, that’s exactly what the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is working to deliver. Image quote: "Success no longer goes to the country that develops a new technology first, but rather to the one that better integrates it and adapts its way of fighting." - National Defense Strategy

A core JADC2 strategy is to achieve an information advantage “at the speed of relevance” across all domains, all military branches, and all levels of command in a dynamic, operational environment. This includes enabling the Joint Force Commanders to sense, make sense, and act quickly with complete, accurate, actionable data.

Here’s a look at each of these functions and the rugged, high-performance compute solutions Crystal Group is producing for several platforms with anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities, including the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), that can support the demanding JADC2 data and communication needs in the modern battlespace .

Sense: Integrate information across all domains and the electromagnetic spectrum

The first function, Sense, is the discovery, collection, aggregation, processing and exploitation of  sensor data from all domains and all friendly, adversary, and neutral sources. Using advanced sensing methods and information management technologies accelerates effective data collection, fusion and customization for secure, real-time  delivery across the battlespace. This data is shared as a basis for understanding and decision making.

Crystal Group Sense-enabling compute solutions

  • Custom, mobile forward operating base configurations with near-zero latency and end-to-end encryption for rapid, hyperconverged infrastructure in austere, front-line environments

Military war zoneMake Sense: Understand the operational environment

Make Sense is the evaluation, validation, and prioritization of the aggregated data, turning it into actionable intelligence. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) draws on predictive analytics to anticipate the intentions, actions, and potential outcomes of the operational environment with greater speed and accuracy. Not only does this accelerate the decision cycle, it increases selection of the most advantageous outcome across the entire battle zone.

Crystal Group Make Sense-enabling compute solutions

Act: Decide and disseminate

While the first two functions rely solely on technology assets, algorithms, and quantum computing, Act requires human involvement to make and communicate decisions. To ensure these decisions are relayed quickly, accurately, and securely requires resilient, redundant communication systems, flexible data formats, and an accessible, comprehensive transport infrastructure.

Crystal Group Act-enabling compute solutions

  • Rugged networking switches Crystal Group rugged network switches and compute solutions
  • Private cloud to manage multi-tenet applications, balance workload and secure networked communications
  • Partnering with Nokia and CommScope to bring 5G to the battlefield for simultaneous transmission of real-time information across several secure networks

“Whoever can see, understand, and act first will win.” Army Futures Command

Just as speed, accuracy, and performance are critical JADC2 capabilities, they are equally important in the system development and implementation efforts. As development milestones are achieved, waiting for technology solutions that support its core architecture triad of automation, cloud environments, and communications to be developed won’t be an option.

Comand and control in an increasingly information-focused warfighting environment have never been more critical. JADC2 will enable the DOD to act at the speed and relevance to improve U.S. national security.Having ready access to rugged, leading-edge hardware designed, built, and tested specifically for the tactical edge creates a timely opportunity for primes to easily satisfy the DoD’s JADC2 high-performance compute, storage and networking capabilities—and equip our warfighters with information superiority.




Featured image courtesy of Army Futures Command