RE2624M Portable Rugged Server

The new standard for field-deployable media management

Developed for field-deployable media management applications, the RE2624M sets a new standard for delivering seamless, high-speed data transfer, programming mission loads, and offloading data from portable media in the most extreme and demanding environments. Equipped with up to 16 cores, the system supports a variety of workloads, including virtualization, data processing, and other I/O-intensive tasks. The four external 10GbE connectors deliver fast uplink for media transfers to downstream users.

Versatile, adaptable configuration. Using industry-standard bays, the RE2624M can be customized to accept any form of standard or non-standard media to accommodate countless applications in a single system:

  • ISR data storage for mission-critical aircraft and mobile ground vehicles
  • Secure data transfer from command post or forward operating base
  • Preflight data load for special ops aircraft
  • Mission planning for multi-domain distribution using single-source inputs from various media platforms
  • Any scenario using various media formats that requires a common data input or extraction

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