Crystal Group 2019 rugged industry impact: Secures more than 30 major contract awards

Company exponentially expands footprint in defense, autonomous vehicle, and energy sectors

Hiawatha, Iowa, December 18, 2019 –  Crystal Group, Inc. announced a record year for growth and market expansion, solidifying the company’s position as a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged computer hardware.

Leveraging fast, scalable, in-house production capability, Crystal Group helps military, commercial and industrial customers take advantage of innovative technologies while protecting critical IT systems against hazards of the deployed environment. In 2019, the company secured more than 30 major contract awards.

“Crystal Group has seen a growing need for IT hardware that can sustain and secure rapidly expanding compute capabilities,” said Scott Kongable, president of Crystal Group. “This year’s progress illustrates our ability to anticipate risks, solve complex challenges, and deliver best-in-market rugged solutions. We enter 2020 with the confidence to continue a successful upward trajectory with our partners and customers.”

Crystal Group’s reliable solutions support more than 600 military missions around the globe. In 2019, the company vastly increased its position in the defense sector through new contracts with the Department of Defense and leading defense contractors. Cyber security, GPU packaging, and intense thermal requirements continue to drive development of Crystal Group’s new solutions for military customers. With the expertise to deftly anticipate the myriad of factors that can impact technology, Crystal Group has been selected as a trusted partner to collaborate on vital systems, such as C4ISR, cyber-secure networking, electronic warfare, missile defense, and unmanned vehicles for land, air, and sea.

Mission-critical defense capabilities the company was selected to support in 2019 include:

  • Modernizing optionally piloted aircraft to fully autonomous flights
  • Integrating new artificial intelligence applications with existing systems
  • Scanning vast swaths of terrain in a single sortie
  • Accessing videos and imagery across multiple security levels
  • Automating communications aboard submarines to reduce errors and personnel requirements
  • Protecting aircraft from battlefield threats through advanced infrared countermeasures
  • Developing broadcast capability for timely delivery of unclassified and classified data in theater
  • Delivering a single, unambiguous view of the battlespace in near-real time
  • Training military personnel to identify and counter enemy missile or artillery threats
  • Providing a critical network link between aircraft, ships, and ground assets

Commercial and industrial customers recognize and benefit from Crystal Group’s proven track record of meeting strict Department of Defense quality and security requirements, as well as the International Electrotechnical Commission and IEEE global standards.

A transformative opportunity occurred this year when Crystal Group RIA™ (Rugged Intelligence and Autonomy server) was fielded in commercial and industrial applications. Leading edge performance and reliability of this solution is enabling self-driving semi trucks to transport U.S. mail, the development of autonomous cars for use at 2020’s biggest international sporting event, and unmanned construction vehicles to build wind turbine pad sites throughout the world.

North American oil, gas, and power distribution customers sought out Crystal Group’s embedded computers and rugged servers—engineered for reliability in the harshest environments—to replace outdated systems and transform operations. Crystal Group is helping customers with modernization projects, such as oil drilling automation, gas leak detection installations, and power substation upgrades for smart grid technology. In addition, one of the company’s compact and easily configurable rugged embedded computers will be used to help improve situational awareness and public safety mission effectiveness for law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, wildfire management, and disaster relief efforts.

Building on a successful year and demonstrating the ability to deliver unparalleled solutions, Crystal Group will continue readying customers for rapid technology advancements and enable them to reliably capitalize on innovation—wherever the mission takes them.

About Crystal Group, Inc.

Crystal Group, Inc., a technology leader in rugged computer hardware, specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and commercial rugged servers, embedded computing, networking devices, displays, and data storage for high reliability in harsh environments. An employee-owned small business founded in 1987, Crystal Group provides the defense, government, and industrial markets with in-house customization, engineering, integration, configuration management, product lifecycle planning, warranty, and support services.

Crystal Group products meet or exceed IEEE, IEC and military standards, including MIL-STD-810, 167-1, 461, and MIL-S-901, are backed by an industry-leading, 5-plus-year warranty with in-house support, and are manufactured in the company’s Hiawatha, Iowa, U.S.A., facility certified to AS9100D quality management standards.

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