Crystal Group Primed for NVIDIA GTC 2020

At Crystal Group, we pride ourselves in setting the standards for fielding trusted technologies vital to safety, accuracy and safety in demanding and intense edge environments. Our sense of purpose and mission allegiance are the foundation for our commitment to addressing the current needs and evolving challenges of those who depend on the work we do.

Ironically, the unprecedented ebbs and flows of 2020 have extended the innovative problem solving and agility we apply to developing and delivering our compute solutions into how we work. With creativity and flexibility, we’ve stayed connected and engaged with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers to maintain our collective momentum. From recently releasing three new ultra-high performance, rugged servers for advanced AI-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications and a next-gen autonomous vehicle server to obtaining NIAP certification for our networking products, we’ve kept our foot on the accelerator.

This connected mindset is playing out across the board, including at NVIDIA’s GTC. With travel and in-person events being replaced with social distancing and working from home, NVIDIA has transformed this highly sought-after event to be 100 percent virtual. Participants from around the globe will participate in conference sessions from October 5-9 in any time zone and multiple languages.

As a first-time Federal Platinum sponsor and content contributor, our participation in GTC is an evolution of joint efforts that have spurred powerful advances and benefits for both Crystal Group and NVIDIA customers. As collaborative experts in engineering GPUs and rugged, COTS-based solutions, our efforts amplify the compute capacity that can be delivered to precisely where the rubber meets the road—on an oil rig, afloat on a ship or in an autonomous vehicle literally on the road.

The potential for what can be achieved with the introduction of high-powered compute capacity at the tactical edge is limitless. This is just the beginning.

“Crystal Group’s ability to consistently solve our customers’ perplexing engineering challenges for punishing edge computing conditions—regardless of application, domain or form factor—is why we’re the leader in ruggedizing sophisticated technologies,” said Jim Shaw, Crystal Group’s executive vice president of Engineering. “We’re incredibly pleased to extend the conversation about how the U.S. military, oil and gas industry, autonomous vehicle OEMs, critical infrastructure utilities and others have and will benefit from the immense power and promise of these transformative technologies to a broader population at this year’s GTC event.”

Join us at GTC to learn about the tremendous opportunities ahead and check out our three on-demand sessions that highlight advanced solutions and mission-critical advantages from ruggedizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products for the U.S. military and autonomous vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs):

  • Bulletproof Hardware for Seamless AI at the Edge
  • Cracking the Code for Multi-domain Battle Space Computing
  • Hit the Road: Accelerate Your AV Development Without Compromising Safety

Together, we’ll weather whatever else comes our way to ensure we all keep the discussions and innovations moving forward.