Evolving solutions for the long term

The custom RS1304L23 combines features of the FORCE RS1104 and legacy RS13L24 product to sustain the customer’s long-term operating needs.

Continuous innovation in the rugged server industry leads to the inevitable retirement of products that are still integral to current and long-term operating needs. So, when one of our defense and intelligence customer’s server was discontinued because of outdated features, our team had to get creative.

Critical elements to updating the customer’s existing system were a special motherboard that provided two PCIe slots in a 1U chassis with two processors. Additionally, our Engineering team had to adapt the server from 3.5-inch drive bays to the updated 2.5-inch version.

To make the required adaptations, our engineers combined features from the front of the new FORCE RS1104 and the rear of the outgoing RS13L24.

The resulting solution is a modified 1U RS1304L23 server that accepts two CPUs, three expansion cards, and up to four drive carriers. Using a customized X11DDW-NT motherboard from Supermicro©, the design kept the server less than 23 inches in depth. The RS1304L23 combines advanced features of an enterprise-class server designed to meet a variety of MIL-STD tests to survive the most challenging military environments.

As technology continues to evolve and transform applications for rugged compute solutions, transitioning to the latest products and solutions isn’t always the right answer for long-term, legacy programs. This is just one example of how vital it is to several of our customers that we continue to support their programs by carrying critical compute features from outgoing products into adapted solutions to sustain their current needs.

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