Small Form Factor Embedded Computers

RE2512 Rugged Embedded Computer/Display
Compact construction – 8.8”H x 15.8” W x 19.5”D footprint
Integrated, protected, water resistant case for transportation
Flexible configuration option with up to six removable drives (SSD)
17.3" TFT LCD wide screen with keyboard mouse
Sealed Embedded Rugged Computer for the military and defense industry - SE16
Completely Sealed
SE16 Sealed Embedded Computer
Mil-Circ ConnectorsSealed
14.075" (35.75cm) (over body), 16.275" (42.5cm) max over handles & mil-circ connectors
23 lbs (10.43 kgs) max with all drives populated and one card installed

Feature-rich embedded computer systems are powerful, compact and rugged. Easily configurable to meet program-specific requirements, our embedded products boast advanced thermal management, carbon-fiber chassis and are field tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and extreme environments. Our ruggedized embedded computer systems follow the Intel® embedded roadmap to ensure access to the latest in long life, powerful Intel chipsets and processors.

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